Oakley Community Information

In November 1998, local voters approved Oakley's incorporation. On July 1, 1999, Oakley became Contra Costa County's newest city. The community and the city's new leadership strongly encourage the development of new industries to support the local workforce.

While the community is pro-business, it also takes the time to celebrate its agricultural roots. Each year the Annual Oakley Almond Festival brings out the crowds to celebrate its largest cash crop. Each year, crowds fill the local park to view the Almond Parade, take part in games and entertainment, and cheer participants on in the Love-A-Nut 5K run.

Contra Costa County was incorporated in 1850 as one of the original 27 counties of the State of California with the City of Martinez as the County Seat. It is one of the nine counties in the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Area. The county is the ninth most populous county in California, with its population reaching approximately 930,000 as of January 1, 2000. The County has one of the fastest growing work forces among Bay Area counties, with growth in its employment base being driven primarily by the need to provide services to an increasing local population. Due to the presence of relatively high-wage skilled jobs and relatively wealthy residents, the County achieves high rankings among all California counties on a variety of income measurements.