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Compared to other Bay Area communities, home prices in Oakley are moderate. Single-family residences within the 94561 zip code can be found starting at $115,000 to over $650,000 for charming single-story homes situated in quiet residential neighborhoods. While listings for condominiums are limited in Oakley, buyers may find condo prices starting in the $90,000 range.
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Located in East Contra Costa County, Oakley is part of the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area. The city's roots are deep-seated in the agricultural industry that helps the community retain its small town character. Oakley is known for its charming vineyards, country lanes and rolling orchards. In celebration of its agricultural past, the city celebrates the annual Oakley Almond Festival that draws thousands of visitors from throughout the Bay Area.

Students living in Oakley are served by the Oakley Unified Elementary School District and the Liberty Union High School District. Thanks to the tight housing market in the Bay Area, Oakley and other Contra Costa cities have seen housing booms over the past decade. From 1995 to 2015, the city is expected to see its population jump by 124%. The housing market in the City of Oakley is moderately priced compared to other Bay Area communities. Single-family homes, condominiums and custom built estates anchor the market in Oakley, California.

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